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  Subjects Offered
IB Maths IA Exploration Extended Essay
IB Chemistry HL SL IA Lab EE
IB Biology HL SL IA Lab EE
IB Economics HL SL IA Comm EE
IB Business Management IA EE
IB Geography & History HL SL IA EE
Environmental Systems & Society ESS
IB ToK Essay Tok Exhibition
IB written assignment (WA)
IB Extended Essay
IB ITGS IA EE & Computer Science Dossier
About our Tutors
Although our tutors are trained to guide the students through the problems but we encourage students to do the problems themselves. This methodology of teaching developes confidence in students, and they out perform in their exams.  Expert Ex-IB examiner, school teachers, college professors, and 20 to 40 years experienced tutors are available to help students in assignments write up across the world and round the clock.  All of our tutors possess Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degree in their respective field with most of them BEd or MEd. They have years of experience in IB teaching and assignment help, helping a variety of kids learn.  Tutors at top class ib tutors are divided into two parts; one for tuition and another purely for assignment work.

Top Class IB Tutors  ensures that only the best available faculty members with long teaching experience or assignment help in IB DP/HL/SL/ IGCSE/ A LEVEL/ O LEVEL/ AS/ AP/ ACT/ GCSE/ SAT/ GMAT/ GRE/ IIT/ CAT competitions and holding experience of prestigious institutions with a commitment towards students welfare. After undergoing a reorientation programme at our academy, tutors start doing the assignment write up or teaching the students at students’ home or online.  Students are initially assessed and customized study plans are prepared exclusively for each student based on initial assessment.  Periodic tests and past IB papers are a part of teaching to review the progress..

Our rigorous selection process tests the tutors on subject knowledge and teaching aptitude and only the best ones go through. Thereafter, a detailed background check is done to ensure absolute safety of the student.  After selection, the tutors undergo a 2 week training program to familiarize them with home tutoring or online tutoring; technology, online lesson delivery and the Top Class IB Tutors Teaching Methodology.  Periodic refresher courses and training modules for tutors ensure continuous upgradation of their teaching skills.  After years of teaching tutors are promoted to the assignment write up section.

Our tutors, apart from teaching, contribute actively to the curriculum development and teaching process research. The idea is to continuously push the teaching envelop and ensure fruitful learning.  Moreover, Top Class IB Tutors Academy is a leading online assignment help and tutoring company in the field of IB. Its services includes one to one live tutoring and mentoring, homework help, assignment help, and exam preparation in all subjects for all grades.

The sessions are scheduled as per the student’s comfort, after the school or after the dinner.   Parents are regularly informed about their ward"s progress. For any kind of suggestion, they are allowed to talk to the tutor directly. We encourage regular sessions with the same tutor but a new tutor can also be assigned if the student is not happy with existing tutor.

Tutors are specially trained as per the course curriculum, voice accent of different countries.   Students who have outperformed, they have given Top Class IB Tutors a new name “Path to Success”.

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