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The internal assessment is a very important aspect of the IB Geography course. For SL students it accounts for 25% of the final mark and for the HL students it accounts or 20% of the final mark. The length of the internal assessment is 2,500 words for both HL and SL students. The recommended time allocation for the internal assessment is 20 hours. The internal assessment gives student an opportunities to demonstrate their skill level and subject knowledge. Primary research has to be carried out as part of the internal assessment.

The EE requirements for Geography have recently changed.

A Geography Extended Essay requires:-

  • a spatial emphasis
  • geographical theory and methodology
  • geographical sources
  • geographical concepts, theories and ideas

Geography EE are now assessed using the same criteria for all EEs:-

  • Criterion A - research question
  • Criterion B - introduction
  • Criterion C - investigation
  • Criterion D - knowledge and understanding of the topic studied
  • Criterion E - reasoned argument
  • Criterion F - application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject
  • Criterion G - use of language appropriate to the subject
  • Criterion H - conclusion
  • Criterion I - formal presentation
  • Criterion J - abstract
  • Criterion k - holistic judgement

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