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At the core of the IB Diploma lies the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course. It is a central element of IB studies, bringing together the threads of knowledge in the different subjects which students take. The ToK course “encourages critical thinking about knowledge itself, to try to help young people make sense of what they encounter” (ToK Subject Guide). For every subject, it is important to ask what knowledge is and how it is acquired. In that sense ToK is the glue that binds the different academic components of the IB Diploma together.  Ultimately, the IB ToK course is assessed by two components:

- An essay of 1200-1600 words, written on a title chosen from a list of six offered by the IB.  We can always assure you A grade on TOK write up essay.

Here are the prescribed TOK essay titles for the exam in May 2018.

1. “The fields of study of academic disciplines can overlap, but adopting interdisciplinary approaches to the production of knowledge leads only to confusion.” Discuss this claim.

2. “We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases” (adapted from JW von Goethe). Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.

3. “Without the assumption of the existence of uniformities there can be no knowledge.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.

4. “Suspension of disbelief” is an essential feature of theatre. Is it essential in other areas of knowledge? Develop your answer with reference to two areas of knowledge.

5. “The quality of knowledge produced by an academic discipline is directly proportional to the duration of historical development of that discipline.” Explore this claim with reference to two disciplines.

6. “Robust knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.

- A presentation (approximately 20 minutes) that explores some aspect of the ToK course, relating it to an important or interesting real life situation.  We help in writing top class Script, PPT, and PPD.

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